Print this blog post out and get into the habit of doing one of these quick marketing jobs every time you have a brief gap in your day… and you’ll soon make a difference to your profit!

  1. Ask your colleagues, friends and family to like your business page and share posts with their friends whenever possible.
  2. List 10 hashtags you can use on your social channels (particularly Instagram) and keep this list on a ‘notes’ app on your phone.
  3. Update your Facebook cover photo and about page.
  4. Follow three local business owners who you feel might be useful to network with. Check all of your social platforms.
  5. Storyboard a short step-by step “how-to” video to shoot later on your phone.
  6. Analyse your Facebook Insights. How many people are you actually reaching?
  7. Take 2 eye-catching photos for social media – could be your work, the team or a new product you are using.

Word-of-mouth marketing works

  1. Ask a client to post an online review of you/your club/product. Facebook has a review section which is great for this and you can use review in graphic form for posts on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Design some ‘Recommend a Friend’ cards to give to your current clients.

Attract new clients

  1. Email a local journalist with an invite for a complimentary visit to your club with a free lesson.
  2. Re-record your answer phone message to include any current special offers.
  3. Make a list of all the schools in the area with email addresses. These will be ready to use when you have camps/special offers.
  4. Brainstorm some offers – For junior tennis: Bring a friend on the last day of term, Christmas party on the last day of term where they can bring a friend play with their parent (hopefully the parent gets the tennis-bug!). For adults: consider an inexpensive taster course over six weeks. We would love to hear what you’ve tried and what works!

Keep an eye on the local competition

  1. Do a local pricing comparison survey and benchmark your prices plus see what other clubs and coaches are offering.
  2. Set up Google Alerts on your two strongest competitors.
  3. Phone a successful club or coach and make enquiries. You can assess how they deal with your call and up your game!

Improve client retention

  1. Identify the top 10% of your clients by spend. Now decide how to reward and keep them.


  1. Call one local business you’d like to start building a relationship with. Arrange to meet for a coffee.
  2. Order some business cards for yourself or your team.  According to Tim Bainton, they’re still an invaluable marketing tool.
  3. Call your local newspaper and magazines to ask who the feature editor is for health and fitness.
  4. Ask your product supplier for free giveaways, samples or prizes for local events and online competitions.
  5. Visit three local businesses’ Facebook pages and like two posts on each one. Even better, take some time to comment.
  6. Remind yourself about local events that could be marketing opportunities to promote your business. Your local council may run these kind of events, particularly during the summer.

Manage your team (internal marketing)

  1. Schedule in a team training session on client care and marketing, and sketch out some ideas on how you can all improve.

Make more profit

  1. Work out how much no-shows and last minute cancellations are costing you. Check out our strategies for reducing no-shows here. 
  2. Write a cancellation policy. Learn how to here.

Online marketing

  1. Check your price guide is up to date on your website and Facebook.
  2. Check if your website is mobile friendly by looking on your phone or tablet.
  3. Change your passwords on your social media accounts. And not to PASSWORD or 1234!
  4. Remove any outdated promotions or events from your website – they send out the wrong message to potential clients.

I hope this list gives you the motivation to work on your marketing and even spending the odd 10 minutes a day can make a difference to your business.

Until next time,