As you would have certainly noticed, emojis are not going anywhere! In fact, reports have shown (according to Adweek) that 92 percent of all social media users use emojis. Social media posts with emojis are more likely to get more clicks, more likes and more shares. ??

All of the major social media platforms support emojis and it is worth your time as a business owner to get to know the benefits of using emojis and how you can use them to enhance your marketing. ?

4 reasons you should be using emojis:

? Emojis are a great way to entertain people; they are visual, vibrant, and naturally expressive… and often very funny!
? Visitors can take in more meaning from emojis in a single glance than they could by reading a thousand words of your content.
? Emojis make your business personable. People buy from people, not from businesses. Emojis make your business real and express true human emotion. They tell your customers you are just like them: real, honest and approachable.
? FACT: Emojis will bring more engagement and traffic to your posts.

The possibilities for using these little images are endless… insert emojis in your status updates, comments, descriptions, tweets, and even your WhatsApp groups. However there is a balance and please don’t go overboard! Also, make sure you don’t lose the meaning of your message by adding in an emoji; while emojis are wonderful, there are some messages that should remain text-only.

Great Emoji Use:

I’ll add to this list, or do let me know if you have any other great examples of emoji usage. Craig O’Shannessy from Brain Game Tennis is possibly the ? of emoji usage. His social channels are great and full of useful info, stats and opinion, but they are well worth following for emoji usage alone!



On a club level, check out Mountnessing Tennis Club who use emojis to enhance their message:



If you can’t find the right emoji, a great website is You can scroll/search for appropriate emoji and then there is an easy to use copy button! Ta-da!

To successfully market to your clients, you need to connect and communicated with people. Emojis help you connect with those people in a definitively effective way!