If you post once a day you will likely get some reach and interaction.
So does that mean if you post twice you’ll get double the reach and interaction. What about three times?

I’m sure what you really want to know is how often should you post on social media?

There are various studies with varying results as to what is the most effective number of times a week you should be posting on your business page.

Some say to post/re-share info once a day, where as others say less. From the research of these social sites, the consensus seems to be to post no more than once a day, but no less than three times per week.

HubSpot’s benchmarks suggest to post to Facebook a minimum of three times a week. They say to set your maximum number of Facebook posts to 10 times per week.

LocalVox likes to post once a day to Facebook as a maximum while three times a week is their suggested minimum.

Nulou suggests to post a minimum of three times a week to maintain your consistency while keeping your maximum number of Facebook posts to no more than 10 a week.

Quick Sprout found that Facebook pages with smaller amounts of followers should post about 16–30 times a month, or roughly once every day or two. If you have a bigger fan base, Neil Patel suggests posting at least 31 times a month, which he says is about once or twice a day.

How To Tell If Your Facebook Posting Frequency Is Working

Facebook has a handy analytics tool called Insights. Simply log in to your Facebook Business Page, click on Insights, and select Posts.
From here, you can check out your posts’ performance individually to see when your engagement increases or decreases depending on how frequently you post. You would realistically need to have been posting regularly for at least a month to enable Facebook to have gathered the data. If you have been varying the time of day and day of the week that you’ve been posting then you can see what days/times are most effective to post for your client base.

Does this seem do-able?

It is certainly MUCH easier to make sure your posts are interesting for your followers if you have a crib sheet of content ideas paired with a monthly social media calendar. We will be following up with a blog post next week on the content you could use on your page.

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