A selection of the work we've recently completed

Instagram Aesthetics


Event Management

We’ve managed a number of successful events. From press launches of fitness products to professional symposiums to training events.

Our work often starts during the initial planning stage and finishes once we’ve tidied up and received our (positive) feedback forms!

We can arrange the event and accommodation if required. We can help plan the day and provide a beautifully printed schedule for your delegates. Invitations can be electronic or print. We can help check in delegates on the day. It’s always imporatnt to get feedback. We are happy to contact delegates to find out how impressed they were and what we can do to improve next time

Social Media Posts

This is our speciality! We manage and provide content for a number of businesses. Whether Twitter, Instagram or Facebook… we’ve got it covered.

Website Development

Marketing Assistance

Marketing assistance encompasses a variety of tasks.

We help schedule and plan newsletter campaigns allowing business owners to focus on what they know best- their business.

We’ve also developed branding boards  and logos for a number of small businesses. Branding and consistent and cohesive design let your clients know you mean business.